To maximize the performance of brake pads, it is essential that they are bedded in correctly as follows :
  1. Accelerate vehicle to 50km/h
  2. Apply brakes using moderate to firm pedal effort, reducing speed to 5 km/h
  3. Drive 200m – 300m accelerating to 50 km/h
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 between 8-10 times
Brake Pad : KEVLAR Standard

KEVLAR Standard is new OEM formula compound, light colored, rigid molded, medium/high friction material, containing zinc particles. General purpose disc brake material for passenger cars.

Features & Benefits
  • General usage within urban and suburban areas.
  • Moderate driving and braking.
  • Good pedal feel.
  • Low – steel formulation (ie: contains less amount of metal)
    helps prolong the disc rotor life.
  • Quick heat dissipation. Good performance in all conditions; Wet and Dry.
Brake Pad : KEVLAR Extreme

KEVLAR Extreme is Asbestos free real metallic, will withstand high pressure.
Has excellent high temperature wear and fade characteristics.
Boosted disc brakes on passenger cars and light trucks.
Ranging from light to heavy duty applications.

Features & Benefits
  • The real metallic type disc brake pads.
  • Suitable for 4 WD passenger cars, 2 WD & 4 WD pickups; 
    city and off – road driving.
  • Quick heat dissipation – Fade resisting disc brake pads.
  • Good performance in all conditions; Wet, Dry and Muddy.
  • Metallic formulation for Extreme braking performance.
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