To maximize the performance of brake pads, it is essential that they are bedded in correctly as follows :
  1. Accelerate vehicle to 50km/h
  2. Apply brakes using moderate to firm pedal effort, reducing speed to 5 km/h
  3. Drive 200m – 300m accelerating to 50 km/h
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 between 8-10 times
Brake Pad : KEVLAR Motorcycle Brake Pad

KEVLAR Motorcycle Brake Pad is a full metal compound that is the world leader in 
sintered technology. The material has been described as the future standard 
for the next generation in motorcycle braking. 
This road compound is for the rider that requires the best money can buy.

Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits
  • The real metallic type disc brake pads.
  • Fast heat dissipation – Fade resisting disc brake pads.
  • Good performance in all conditions; Wet and Dry.
  • Fast response with reduced braking stopping distance.
  • Peak performance for the life of the pads.
Brake Pad : KEVLAR 1

KEVLAR 1 is the high performance Brake pads, which is engineered for fast road cars
and racing competition at short-braking distance. KEVLAR 1 is Ceramic Carbon Metal 
compound with copper-alloy ingredient. The initial bite and response is excellent 
even at very high speed and so also the pedal feel and brake balance.

Features & Benefits
  • Ceramic Carbon Metal compound.
  • For Racing car & High Speed car.
  • New Feeling in Braking.
  • Short braking distance.
  • Used by numerous championship racing driver.
  • New trend in race type brake pads.
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